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Air Battle Manager

Overview: Air Battle Managers organize the chaos that is inherent in combat. These officers plan and direct the entire scope of air defense and tactical missions, from initially analyzing national defense objectives, to designing training programs, researching possible scenarios and then managing the actual air operation. They are in constant communication with commanders, ground units and supporting agencies.

Position: Officer


Specific Tasks:

  • Develop plans and procedures to execute weapons and C2 (Command and Control) capabilities 
  • Supervise mission crews and operations control centers 
  • Employ surveillance, combat, reporting and data link management systems 
  • Manage ABM (anti-ballistic missile) operations 
  • Advise commanders on readiness of forces


  • Bachelor's Degree; an undergraduate degree specializing in physical sciences, mathematics, administration or management is desirable
  • Commission as an officer in the Air Force Reserve
  • Physical Qualification for Flying Class III physical 
  • Eligibility for a Top Secret security clearance


  • For those without a prior military service commission, successful completion of the eight-week Officer Training School at Maxwell AFB, AL is required
  • Completion of Air Force Undergraduate ABM Training (UABMT)

For more information on how to attend Undergraduate Flying Training, please download the Undergraduate Flying Training Guidebook