If you are interested in joining the Air Force Reserve, please fill out the application form linked below and one of our advisors will contact you. You may also call 800-257-1212

Basic Military Training (BMT)

Basic Military Training (BMT) is an eight and a half week course, culminating with Airman's Week, completed at Lackland AFB, San Antonio, TX. It is designed to prepare all Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard enlistees for military life by teaching you the critical importance of discipline, teamwork and foundational knowledge – both physically and mentally.

Physical Conditioning (PC) includes one-hour daily fitness workouts, 6 days per week. You need to prepare before you arrive. We recommend that you work out at least 3-5 times per week for at least six weeks prior to your arrival.

In addition to PC, you'll be taught foundational Air Force information such as core values, customs and courtesies, and basic policies and procedures. This will include classroom instruction with some application, and you will need to complete a written exam in order to progress in training.

Eight and a Half Week Course

Week 0 - 

  • BMT Arrival Briefing
  • BMT Orientation Briefing
  • Health, Morale and Welfare
  • AF Initial Physical Training Assessment
  • Commander's Arrival Briefing
  • BMT Physical Training Program
  • Uniform Code of Military Justice
  • Drill Movements I
  • Coping With Stress
  • Recruit Living Area I

Week 1 - 

  • First Week Briefing
  • Entry Controller
  • Airman's Time Introduction
  • Reporting Procedures
  • Intro to Classroom Entry and Exit Procedures
  • AF History I
  • Nutrition Principles
  • Weapons, Parts ID, Disassembly and Reassembly
  • Weapons Cleaning and Inspection Procedures
  • Dress and Appearance I
  • AF Organization
  • Human Relations I
  • GI Bill
  • Rendering Courtesies
  • AF Rank Recognition
  • Drill Movements I
  • Recruit Living Area I

Week 2 - 

  • Patio Briefing
  • Warrior Role
  • Suicide Awareness and Prevention
  • Basic Situational Awareness
  • Comprehensive Airman Fitness (Resliency)
  • Joint Ethics
  • AF History II
  • Healthy Lifestyles & AF ADAPT Program
  • Basic Leadership and Character
  • Forbidden Relationships & Sexual Predator Risk Indicators
  • Military Citizenship
  • Public Relations and the Media
  • Cyber Awareness
  • Drill Movements II

Week 3 - 

  • Law of Armed Conflict
  • Mental Preparation for Combat
  • Joint Operations
  • Introduction to AF Combatives
  • Dress and Appearance II
  • Antiterrorism/Force Protection Level I
  • Human Relations II
  • Recruit Living Area II
  • Drill Movements III

Week 4 - 

  • Principles of First Aid
  • SAPR Program
  • FEST
  • Introduction to Code of Conduct
  • AEF and Deployment Briefing
  • Base Liberty Briefing

Week 5 - 

  • Deployment Line Processing/Equipment Issue
  • Meal Ready to Eat (MRE) Brief
  • BEAST Orientation
  • Zone Orientation
  • Refresher Drills
  • Creating Leaders Airmen Warriors (CLAW) Mission
  • Field Exercises
  • Pugil Stick Teaching/Application
  • Combative Application
  • Camp Zone Teardown/Remediation

Week 6 - 

  • Environmental Awareness
  • Financial Management
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Combat Stress Recovery
  • Base Referral Agencies
  • AF Portal Familiarization
  • Military Entitlements & Ed Opportunities
  • Career Progression & AF Quality Force
  • Drill Movements IV
  • EOC Written Evaluation/Survey

Week 7 - 

  • Airmanship Core Value Briefing
  • Air Force Fitness Program
  • Town Pass Briefing
  • Airman's Run
  • Sq CC Departure Briefing
  • Airman's Coin/Retreat Ceremony
  • Parade Graduation

Airman's Week - 

  • Commander's Welcome briefing
  • Character-development training