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Bioenvironmental Engineering

Overview: In the civilian world, OSHA is the primary government agency responsible for ensuring work environments are safe for employees. In the Air Force Reserve, this is the task of Bioenvironmental Engineering personnel. These Reservists face the additional challenge of evaluating working conditions in which weapons, munitions, liquid fuels, nuclear waste and other hazardous materials are routinely handled and stored.

Position: Enlisted


Specific Tasks:

  • Perform and manage industrial hygiene, occupational health, radiological health and environmental protection activities to ensure healthful working conditions are maintained and that the environment is not adversely affected by Air Force Reserve activities
  • Review plans, work orders, contracts and specifications for compliance with environment and occupational health directives
  • Develop and conduct water pollution surveillance programs
  • Investigate toxic spills and other environmental releases
  • Perform and direct radiological health functions


  • HS diploma or GED. Completion of Algebra I, chemistry, biology and English composition courses in high school are mandatory. Completion of high school courses in Algebra II and physics are desirable. 
  • Normal color vision and depth perception
  • Ability to speak distinctly
  • No record of acrophobia or claustrophobia
  • Posses a valid states driver's license to operate government vehicles
  • Ability to wear 40 pound air pack while carrying 40 pounds of equipment in a totally encapsulating chemical protective suit
  • Medically qualified in accordance with Air Force Instruction 48-137, Respiratory Protection Program
  • ASVAB score of 49 on General
  • For AFRC, minimum entry AFSC is 4B051

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