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Diagnostic Radiologist

Overview: While skeletal x-rays remain the first radiological procedure usually performed on a patient, CT Scans, MRIs, ultrasounds and other modern diagnostic imaging procedures can now produce a non-invasive, three dimensional image of nearly any soft tissue body structure. Diagnostic Radiologists interpret the test results produced by these remarkable instruments and also perform various specialty procedures.

Position: Officer


Specific Tasks:

  • Instruct radiologic personnel in desired techniques, positions and projections 
  • Interpret images and confer with medical and dental officers regarding diagnoses 
  • Perform special procedures including, fluoroscopy, tomography, angiography and nuclear imaging 
  • Establish and enforce standards for protection of patients and personnel


For entry into this specialty:

  • Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Osteopathy degree from an approved school of medicine or osteopathy 
  • Current enrollment in a radiology residency program acceptable to the Surgeon General, HQ USAF


  • For those without a prior military service commission, the first step is completion of Officer Training School Abbreviated. This five-week course at Maxwell AFB, AL will familiarize you with military life, your role as an officer and military healthcare.