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Overview: The construction of roads, buildings and other structures requires precise engineering techniques in the planning and design stages. Surveying, conventional drafting, computer-aided drafting (CAD) and soil testing are primary tasks of Engineering Technicians to ensure that construction follows the original design concepts without encountering unforeseen and costly problems.

Position: Enlisted


Specific Tasks:

  • Prepare manual and CAD drawings, specifications and cost estimates 
  • Develop and operate Geographic Information System (GIS) modules 
  • Utilize surveying technology to include Global Positioning System (GPS) 
  • Evaluate potential construction sites and perform field tests on soils, asphalt and concrete


  • High school diploma or GED with courses in algebra, geometry, trigonometry and computer operations is mandatory. (Completion of mathematics course material covering algebra, geometry and trigonometry satisfies the mandatory requirement). Completion of high school courses in drafting and software applications is desirable.
  • For AFRC personnel, refer to AFRCI 10-210, regarding completion of AFIT WMGT 570 course
  • Possess a valid state driver's license to operate government vehicles 
  • Normal color vision 
  • Minimum ASVAB score of 49 on General 


  • Candidates without prior military experience are required to attend 7.5 weeks of Basic Military Training (BMT) at JB San Antonio-Lackland, TX; followed by Technical Training 

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