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Medical Materiel

verview: After the diagnosis of a patient’s condition is made, treatment begins, which usually includes a combination of medication, rehabilitation and support supplies. Medical Materiel personnel play an integral role in the healthcare process by ensuring that medications and medical supplies are available when needed, as the words “out of stock” take on a very serious meaning during medical emergencies.

Position: Enlisted


Specific Tasks:

  • Implement and direct medical materiel activities for inventory control, accounting, financial planning and management of supplies and equipment
  • Receive and inspect incoming supplies and equipment
  • Apply special handling procedures for controlled medical items, gases, precious metals, dangerous and hazardous substances and refrigerated or frozen materials
  • Analyze reports and records and take necessary corrective action


  • HS diploma or GED. Completion of courses in management, basic electronic data processing, bookkeeping, accounting and business administration is desirable.
  • Possess a valid state driver's license to operate government vehicles
  • ASVAB score of 48 on Administrative 


  • Candidates without prior military experience are required to attend 7.5 weeks of Basic Military Training (BMT) at JB San Antonio-Lackland, TX; followed by Technical Training

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