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Physical Therapist

Overview: The success of many orthopedic surgeries is as dependent on post-surgical rehabilitation as on the surgery itself. Many other conditions respond better to exercise and conservative treatment than to surgery or ongoing medication. Physical therapists utilize rehabilitative exercise, massage, electronic stimulation and other modalities to treat musculoskeletal conditions. They are essential in making patients active participants in the recovery process as well as to preventing conditions from becoming chronic.

Position: Officer


Specific Tasks:

  • Administer physical therapy treatment programs including monitoring patient response 
  • Coordinate the physical therapy program with the medical facility 
  • Recommend use or adjustment of braces, orthotics, prostheses and related appliances


  • For entry into this specialty, a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree from a physical therapy program accredited by the American Physical Therapy Association’s Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education is mandatory.
  • A current, valid, active and unrestricted license to practice physical therapy in a state, U.S. territory or District of Columbia is mandatory


  • For those without a prior military service commission, the first step is completion of Officer Training School Abbreviated. This five-week course at Maxwell AFB, AL will familiarize you with military life, your role as an officer and military healthcare.