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Reconnaissance / Surveillance / Electronic Warfare CSO

Overview: Modern military actions are increasingly dependent upon electronic warfare, which refers to operations across the electromagnetic spectrum, including radio waves, radar, infrared, visible and ultraviolet and other frequencies. Reconnaissance/Surveillance/Electronic Warfare Combat Systems Officers utilize the most advanced technologies in reconnaissance, surveillance, search and rescue, electronic combat, training and other missions.

Position: Officer


Specific Tasks:

  • Reviews mission tasking, intelligence and weather information and participates in mission planning
  • Navigates aircraft and operates navigation systems
  • Conducts or supervises training of crewmembers
  • Performs duties of Electronic Warfare Officer 


  • Bachelor's degree; an undergraduate degree specializing in physical sciences, mathematics, administration or management is desirable
  • Commission as an officer in the Air Force Reserve 
  • Eligibility for Top Secret security clearance 


  • For those without a prior military service commission, successful completion of the eight-week Officer Training School at Maxwell AFB, AL is required 
  • Completion of Air Force Specialized Undergraduate Navigator Training (SUNT) or Undergraduate CSO Training

For more information on how to attend Undergraduate Flying Training, please download the Undergraduate Flying Training Guidebook