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Overview: From managing base food, commissary, retail and lodging facilities to overseeing recreation, fitness and sports programs, Services Specialists focus on the daily activities, services and conveniences that make military life enjoyable and rewarding for both service members and their families. These personnel are also trained in first aid and field sanitation and may participate in disaster recovery operations as well as in hostile environments.

Position: Enlisted


Specific Tasks:

  • Supervise and work in appropriated fund (APF) food service facilities, lodging activities, recreation, fitness and sports programs, linen exchange, mortuary affairs, honor guard teams and services readiness programs 
  • Maintain liaison with commanders and unit fitness managers on the Air Force Fitness Program 
  • Operate food facilities and establish resale merchandise prices, inventory and safeguarding 
  • Ensure mortuary entitlements, escorts and military honors are arranged and files maintained


  • HS diploma or GED is mandatory. Completion of courses in business arithmetic, accounting, computers, physical education and typing is desirable.
  • Never convicted by court-martial 
  • Never convicted and sentenced to confinement by a civilian court
  • No record of disciplinary action for financial responsibility, shoplifting, petty larceny or theft 
  • Ability to speak distinctly 
  • ASVAB score of 24 on General 


  • Candidates without prior military experience are required to attend 7.5 weeks of Basic Military Training (BMT) at JB San Antonio-Lackland, TX; followed by Technical Training 

Related Civilian Occupation:

  • Cooks, Institution and Cafeteria 
  • Recreation Workers 
  • Retail Salespersons 
  • Hotel, Motel and Resort Desk Clerks 
  • Information Clerks